The length of recovery depends upon the treatment or surgery you need to undergo. Some procedures have a minimal recovery time, and you will be able to safely return home within a couple days. Other treatments may require rehabilitation for a few weeks or longer. The proposed recovery time will be a part of the discussion during the coordination of your procedure.
The facilities and doctors on our listings provide services and treatments that are equal to, if not better, than the service you would receive at home. Our partner hospitals are world-class facilities with international accreditation, which means they meet the highest standards in care. They have state of the art equipment and staff medical professionals who have similar success rates to doctors in your home country. There is always some risk involved in medical treatments even when you undergo treatment at home, but we work with the best healthcare providers and coordinate your trip to reduce the amount of risk.
Medical tourism provides you with high quality care at a fraction of the cost. You can typically save a significant amount of money, even after the costs of transportation and accommodation.
You can search by location, specialty, and type of medical professional using our search tools. Alternatively, you can also browse our listings, which are also organized by location, specialty, and type of medical provider.
Virtuous Medical Tourism is a facilitator that connects patients with doctors and hospitals for their care, as well as coordinates other aspects of your trip
Medical tourism is visiting another country in order to engage in healthcare services that are equal to or greater than the services in one’s own country. Typically, this is done in order to benefit from lower costs, but sometimes it is to have access to better care or treatment options that are not available in the home country.